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With over 20 years experience in schools we continue to save time and increase accuracy of time and attendance records by automating student attendance


Record Attendance

Students record their attendance via ID card or mobile app. Morning and/or afternoon.

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Record Attendance

Students record their attendance via ID card or mobile app. Morning and/or afternoon.

Mobile Phone

Report & Communicate

Over 50 reports accessible by all staff, admin, year head or teacher. Instant Communication with Parents

Working At Home

Integrate with School MIS

Integrate Anseo with your school MIS. Student data is read from MIS and Attendance records are written back.


Students can register their attendance with their contactless ID card or via mobile app as they enter school. Contactless cards are instantaneous and will allow large volumes of students to register attendance in a short period of time.

  • School's have the option to track students who leave early via a scan out e.g. Medical Appointment, Home sick etc.

  • Track student attendance at extra curricular activities e.g. After school study

  • Mobile computers with Anseo app are available to record attendance which offer flexibility over fixed readers e.g. sports team all scan out at the bus when departing.

  • Mullion type readers can be deployed to classrooms for class by class attendance.



Contactless student ID cards are available which prolongs the card and allows for instant reading.

We provide a full ID card Bureau service for convenience and lower cost for higher quality cards.

  • Fully Customisable Design

  • Multiple Card Technologies

  • Batch & Single Card Reprints

  • Card Encoded and Added to Anseo Automatically - No need for school personnel to commission the card

  • Cards have overlay and lamination for durability - especially important in a school environment

  • Card UID available for use with systems throughout the school e.g. Library, Cafeteria, Book Rental, Printing & Photocopying

  • Card Ordering is integrated into Anseo with quick delivery


Designed in partnership with schools our software has over 50 different report formats for individual students and year/class groups.

Anseo provides a level of detail and analysis to allow school management to be proactive in dealing with attendance or punctuality issues with individuals or groups.

Anseo includes an early warning based on thresholds set by the school for absent or late levels per week, month or academic year

Absent and Late alerts can be sent via Text message automatically to parents to ensure they are informed.

Other Admin Software Available:

  • Library Management

  • Book Rental Management

  • Ancillary Staff Time Recording

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Empty Classroom

Castleknock Community College

Students like the idea of having an ID card as they attach a certain status to it, feeling like a university student. The system has cut down on the workload of tutors and class teachers and is very effective for tracking punctuality and attendance. We are very satisfied with the Anseo Time & Attendance system


St Peter's College, Wexford

We used a different product from a different company a few years ago but have since changed to Anseo. It is a very reliable product, not too difficult to operate and does exactly what it claims to do.
After sales service and backup are excellent . Support for technical problems is first class. Customer service is friendly and efficient. I would recommend it to any school.


Abbey Community College

Anseo has benefited our school in the following ways:
1. Improved Punctuality before 9am
2. Reduced the office workload especially dealing with accumulated information
3. Made Attendance\absentee tracking much easier
We are very satisfied with the system.

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