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Time & Attendance, Access Control

Systems developer in house sepcifically for an educational environment or bespoke systems for your business.

Take advantage of ready made or tailored solutions to reduce your total cost of ownership and take advantage of modern integrated solutions. Find out where cloud computing can help even the smallest of operations.

Move your IT to the Cloud

Networks & Virtualisation

Ensure your networks and servers are supported, protected and work for on site and remote workers

Integrate phone, email and social networks with your CRM, ERP and Financial systems.

Integrated Communications

School Administration tools to save time & increase accuracy

The Anseo suite of products has been developed in house specifically for education. On the market since 2000, Anseo is the leader in Time & Attendance with additional tools to simplify school admin.

Anseo solutions for education are constantly evolving to meet the needs of school administration.

In designing and developing the system for education, Anseo is ready made to link with existing systems, capture and present data in the format you need and scale to all size insitutions.

Time & Attendance can be recorded in various ways and our tools will allow for more accurate school rolls while saving time. 

Anseo can also manage your book rental, library and coming soon school meals and cost effective parent communications.



Network Hub and Cable

Castleknock Community College

Students like the idea of having an ID card as they attach a certain status to it, feeling like a university student. The system has cut down on the workload of tutors and class teachers and is very effective for tracking punctuality and attendance. We are very satisfied with the Anseo Time & Attendance system


St Peter's College

We used a different product from a different company a few years ago but have since changed to Anseo. It is a very reliable product, not too difficult to operate and does exactly what it claims to do.
After sales service and backup are excellent . Support for technical problems is first class. Customer service is friendly and efficient. I would recommend it to any school.


Abbey Community College

Anseo has benefited our school in the following ways:
1. Improved Punctuality before 9am
2. Reduced the office workload especially dealing with accumulated information
3. Made Attendance\absentee tracking much easier
We are very satisfied with the system.

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Modernising technology has come to the forefront due to recent events. The value IT solutions bring to your school or business all depends on whether they work day to day for end users and deliver results to grow your business or manage your school.

First question will be how do you currently operate? You know this better than we do so only then can we recommend solutions


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